Robb Taylor

Robb Taylor is Living Beyond 120’s longevity news correspondent, creative director, writer and producer. He researches, writes and reports on technologies, practices and philosophies linked to longevity and human wellness.

He began his news writing career in the mid 1990s, when he landed a job reporting for a small health and wellness-focused monthly publication based outside of Atlanta, Georgia. After a couple years there, he moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan where he wrote and edited content for a monthly environmental periodical while attending the University of Michigan.

Since then, he has worked in education, advertising and as a freelance writer and creative director, writing anything from advertising copy to articles and online content, mostly on health-related subjects. He is also a frequent judge for advertising industry awards.

When he isn’t working, Robb exercises somewhat obsessively, plays various sports, and designs and builds custom furniture in his open-air workshop. He enjoys domestic and foreign travel, fitness, the outdoors, motorcycling, cooking, and competitive beard growing. In the coming years, he would love to get back into mountain biking and yoga, take up an endurance sport or two, start kayaking, and maybe climb a mountain.