June 11th, 2021

Episode #96

Women’s Health - An interview with Dr. Anna Cabeca

On this episode of Living Beyond 120, Dr. Gladden and Dr. Young talk to Dr. Anna Cabeca about all things Women’s Health 


Today’s show rundown: 


Jeff is really enjoying living in Puerto Rico / running, diving in the ocean

There is so much evidence now that shows how much benefit there is to humans being in nature

Dr. Gladden introduces the guest, Dr. Anna Cabeca to the listeners

Self-care, the importance of taking time for yourself

Oxytocin and what it does for you

Oxytocin affects men and women differently - Dr. Cabeca explains

The practice of gratitude and how it can combat daly, chronic stress

Timing, and the importance of time after sex, is as important as the sex itself

Unconscious anchors - how they can be dangerous and you don’t even realize you did it

The “right” setting to have the conversations with our partner about our vulnerabilities

ABC’s of sexual CPR - Dr. Cabeca explains

Shared common vision equates to a better quality of life for partners

Hormones and how much they affect you



Special Guest

Dr. Anna Cabeca

Dr. Anna Cabeca, known as The Girlfriend Doctor, is a triple-board certified, Emory University trained, OB/GYN. She speaks from experience. She has risen from her own ashes of personal tragedy that spiraled into depression from not one but two rounds of menopause, weight gain, hair loss and many other debilitating symptoms. Her journey led her around the world to learn about true health and natural healing. Dr. Anna came away empowered with the knowledge that modern medical training and research, combined with time-tested wisdom and remedies, will yield indisputable results. 


Dr. Anna is an author of two best-selling books: The Hormone Fix, a groundbreaking holistic lifestyle program for menopausal women and Keto- Green 16, a comprehensive nutritional plan to staying healthy and slim, at any age. She has also spent years developing and perfecting a complete suite of life-changing products and programs. Everything Dr. Anna develops is part of her own daily routine and based on her exhaustive research and never-ending quest to find solutions that help women reclaim their vibrancy, sexuality, health and happiness


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