June 4th, 2021

Episode #95

It’s never too late to be Healthy - An Interview with Kevin Brady

Today’s show rundown:

Mark talks about hanging out with another one of Dr. Gladden’s clients 

Mark’s wife is dedicating a room to Gladden Longevity Gear in their house

We need to give up time to hold on to the function we have

Mark is noticing that structuring workouts is more important than they used to be

You don’t want to say “I am in good condition for my age”

Kevin Brady introduction (See bio)

Retirement and how you SHOULD be planning

Kevin tells a running story w/ his Daughter

Why Kevin wrote the book “It’s Never too Late to be Healthy”

You cant always equate fitness to health – Health is a total package

Medication – what you can do to live without it – 

Short term / mid term / long term health – defining these

Kevin gives us some history about his company

Surrounding yourself with a Health Team

Special Guest

Kevin Brady
Blog https://kevinbradyhealth.ca/blog/

Kevin Brady

Director, Advica Health

Director, Corporate Health, NFP Canada

Kevin Brady is an enviable leader in the health and benefits field which he has been in for 35 years. His vast experience includes holding a senior executive position within one of Canada’s largest insurance companies as well as starting his own employee benefits company which merged with NFP in 2013. In addition he saw a need to help companies and employees with health solutions and therefore founded Advica Health. Advica Health assists companies and individuals by helping them navigate the very best health solutions locally and in the world.

Kevin shares his expertise in the area of health and wellness through volunteering and giving back to his community. He has served on many boards in the health and wellness field including Board Chair for both the YMCA and his local hospital, where he chaired a Capital Campaign to raise $120 million for the hospital. He is also a sought after speaker on the topic of how companies can improve their profits through employee health and wellness.

He has been recognized as Citizen of the Year in 2007 and Philanthropist of the Year in 2010 for his philanthropic work in his city. He has also received the esteemed Queen’s Jubilee Medal that is awarded by the Queen of England in recognition for being an outstanding community member. Kevin leads a very active life and has qualified for the Triathlon World Championships representing Canada for the last five years. He is a recognized speaker to companies on how they can improve profits thorough employee health and wellness.

He is married to wife, Barbara, who lives by the same principles as Kevin. They have three adult children, Tim, Matt and Lauren who are all successful in their careers, active and healthy. You can follow Kevin’s journey to better health and wellness on his blog at kevinbradyhealth.ca.

Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevin-brady-32a363110/

Blog https://kevinbradyhealth.ca/blog/

Get Kevin’s most recent book here