October 8th, 2019

Episode #59

Emotional Stress & A Deserving Mindset

This week, Mark and Dr. Gladden kick off the show by discussing Rapamycin, a drug traditionally used as an anti-rejection drug for organ transplant recipients. New studies are showing that it can possibly extend lifespan but can also suppress the immune system. Dr. Gladden shares that he is planning on testing small quantities of this drug on himself and monitoring how his body reacts. 

Next, they are joined by Dr. Josh Wagner, renowned chiropractor and author of the book You Deserve It, to talk about the damaging effects of mental and emotional stress. He shares that, in many cases, people have trouble finding happiness because they don’t truly believe they deserve to be happy. When this happens, they create mental and emotional blocks that keep them from obtaining what they strive for. 

Dr. Wagner continues with insight into the ways that media tends to lend a hand in creating additional emotional stress. When we start to compare ourselves or our accomplishments with other people’s, it steals the joy from our own lives. The group chats about the habit of “unplugging” from the outside world by turning off their phones or disabling notifications to keep social disruptions to a minimal. 

They conclude with discussing how to overcome feelings of inadequacy in order to better handle emotional and mental stress. By pinpointing the areas in our lives in which we feel undeserving – and then surrounding ourselves with people who also practice deserving mindsets ­– we can begin the shift out of a mindset of unworthiness. 

Special Guest

Dr. Josh Wagner

Dr. Josh Wagner is an international seminar leader, speaker, author and mentor. He teaches The Deserving Process to more easily achieve goals, eliminate self-sabotage and procrastination, and have the life you most want.  He also teaches doctors how to deliver the exceptional new patient experience.

Connect with him on Facebook: @drjoshwagnerdc