June 11th, 2019

Episode #49

Quality Sleep for Greater Longevity

On this episode, Mark and Dr. Gladden invite Tara Youngblood, co-founder and chief science officer at Kryo Inc. Her company makes the chiliPAD Sleep System, a system that controls the temperature of your bed to help you fall asleep faster and maintain deeper sleep.

On the show, they continue a discussion about how important sleep is to overall health, repairing the body, and living a longer, fuller life.

Special Guest

Tara Youngblood

Tara is a visionary leader in the future of sleep driven health, combining multiple disciplines, including Alternative Medicine, Physics, and Sleep Diagnostics. She works with leading international researchers to further studies on cold therapy and its impact on sleep. Tara authored the leading white paper, connecting over 70 research papers to the effects of temperature and sleep quality.

As Co-Founder and executive of Kryo, Tara contributes to the strategic direction and daily operations of the company. As an expert in sleep science, she is also a highly regarded international speaker.

Born in Alberta, Canada, Tara is a passionate global traveler, with visits to 5 continents and over a dozen countries. She is involved with multiple community philanthropic activities, including youth sports and international relief trips. Tara is constantly seeking new opportunities to improve the quality of life by those most affected with sleep disorders.

Learn more about Kryo products at chilitechnology.com.

Follow Tara on Twitter @tlcnyoungblood,

Facebook: @ChiliTechnology