April 16th, 2019

Episode #41

Keep Your Sex Life Alive to Stay Alive Longer

Mark and Dr. Gladden invite sexologist Dr. Shelley into the show, author of Anti-Aging and Health Benefits of Sex. They have an extensive discussion about the physical, mental and emotional benefits of having an active, deeply connected sex life. Dr. Shelley shares some of the ways she helps her client to achieve this for a longer, more fulfilling and pleasurable life. They consider the different kinds of intimacy and connection that are important for people.

Mark describes some ways that neuro-linguistic programming and hypnotism can be helpful in overcoming barriers in sexual relationships.

They also emphasize the need for variety, novelty and pushing outside of comfort zones to keep sex (and life) interesting, joyful and full. Dr. Gladden urges listeners to keep asking questions of ourselves and our partners.

Special Guest

Dr. Shelley

Born in New Zealand, Dr. Shelley is now a Las Vegas-based sexologist. She graduated with a PhD in 2013, focusing her doctoral dissertation on the Anti-Aging and Health Benefits of Sex. She mostly works with couples who have been together a long time and wish to stay together. She assists them in enhancing their relationship sexually. She also works with new couples who want to start off their relationships on the right footing, as well as singles who wish to manifest a loving, sexual relationship into their lives.

She has been teaching health, sexuality and personal growth workshops for 25 years worldwide – from small group intensives to conferences, plus workshops on cruises and at conventions. Her work is interactive, focusing not only on physicalizing and exploring sexuality, but also on the emotional side of sexual relationships, heart connections, enhancing communication, and connecting energetically and on a more spiritual level. Dr. Shelley’s focus is not on issues, difficulties or problems but rather how to enhance what you already have and make it better.

Learn more at http://www.drshelleys.com/.

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