September 30th, 2021

Episode #108

What Foods Are Actually Healthy?

Dr. Jeffrey Gladden is a Board-certified interventional cardiologist, founder of Gladden Longevity, and co-host of Living Beyond 120! He is passionate about optimizing health, longevity, and human performance, as well as sharing his knowledge on how to do so with others. On this episode of Living Beyond 120, Dr. Gladden debunks some common myths on “healthy” foods. He gives listeners insight into the Gladden Longevity approach to proper nutrition, shares some commonly mistaken “healthy” foods, and gives recommendations on healthier alternatives!


We discuss: 

- The Gladden Longevity approach in fine-tuning your diet (2:00); 

- Ways you can do nutrigenomics and food sensitivity testing on your own (4:05);

- A list of foods that may sound healthy but can actually be bad for you, as well as healthier alternatives (4:46);

- Ways to analyze different foods in order to make smart decisions before purchasing and consuming (27:02);

- The Mediterranean diet and how it can protect your arteries (27:58);

- A metaphor shared by Dr. Mark Young (29:02);

- And more!