September 2nd, 2021

Episode #104

COVID-19 - What You Need To Know

On this episode of Living Beyond 120, Dr. Jeffrey Gladden from Gladden Longevity and Dr. Mark Young have a discussion with today’s guest, Dr. Ernesto Navarro from Gladden Longevity, on the topic of COVID-19. Dr. Gladden, Dr. Young, and Dr. Navarro dive into the current science behind COVID-19, discuss variants, look at the factors that increase the risk of infection, and talk about ways to be proactive about our health, rather than reactive. 


Here are some highlights:

Dr. Mark Young and Dr. Jeffrey Gladden discuss the tip of the day. Can-C is a dipeptide eye drop that helps with cataracts. 

We meet Dr. Navarro from Gladden Longevity.

We review the factors that increase the risk of a COVID-19 infection.

We discuss a study that found some of the greatest risk factors include essential hypertension, anxiety/fear, and various lipid disorders.

We discuss what a variant is and get an update on the current Delta and Lambda variant.

We discuss ways to be proactive about our health, rather than reactive. This includes living an active lifestyle, having a healthy, anti-inflammatory diet like the Mediterranean style diet, and decreasing our stress.

Dr. Navarro and Dr. Gladden share a list of different supplements that are used at Gladden Longevity as a proactive approach.

We discuss some actionable items on how to be proactive and really step into an overall healthy lifestyle

Special Guest

Dr. Ernesto (Ernie) Navarro



Ernesto (Ernie) Navarro, MD, is one of our clinicians on staff at Gladden Longevity. Dr Navarro brings a fresh and unique perspective to the multifaceted Gladden Longevity team. He started his medical career as a board-certified Emergency Medicine physician and practiced that discipline for seven years before joining Gladden Longevity. As an emergency room physician Dr. Navarro has experience treating patients with a wide variety of medical conditions. Everything from infections to trauma, strokes, heart attacks, chronic medical conditions like diabetes and hypertension, to patients with life-threatening emergencies, and everything in between. As he gained this experience during his tenure in the ER, Dr. Navarro also recognized something that ignited a spark in his heart-- many of the conditions his patients were experiencing were preventable. That spark then turned into a flame when his dear sister was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 38. Dr. Navarro began to pursue education in integrative medicine as a vehicle for addressing the root cause of her condition as well looking for ways to improve her quality of life and extend her life. When she subsequently lost her battle with cancer, he had learned enough to know that he wanted to switch his career path from reactive medicine to focus on root cause and preemptive medicine. When he met Dr Gladden he was immediately inspired and fascinated by the approach Dr Gladden was taking and subsequently joined Gladden Longevity. Dr. Navarro’s sister remains an ever-present inspiration for him to help clients optimize their health longevity and performance understanding that robust great health is the perfect antidote for disease and decline.


When he’s not working with patients, Dr. Navarro is an avid tennis player and also enjoys swimming, biking, and spending time with his wife and two children.