August 12th, 2021

Episode #101

ChiliSleep - An interview with Todd & Tara Youngblood

Today’s show rundown: 


Gladden Longevity is moving to a bigger, better facility in Dallas

Tech is accelerating when it comes to longevity

Mark likes Blaise Pascal and his theories

Mark will overheat at night without his chill pad

Body temperature and sleep are closely tied

Brown fat / active fat / stem cells

Sleeping in a cold environment supports Brown Fat

Cold cycles on a regular basis is great for you

Jeff got to see Leatherback Turtles Hatch

Letting our kids struggle is good for activating longevity

At any age you really can get great quality sleep

Localized cooling and other areas where you can use it

How much deep sleep should we get every night



Special Guest

Tara & Todd Youngblood

Tara’s Bio:

Tara Youngblood, Co-Founder and CEO at ChiliSleep™ and Author of Reprogram Your Sleep: The Sleep Recipe That Works, is a highly regarded international speaker. Tara has extended her expertise to a wealth of high-profile platforms including TEDx, Skookum Tech Talks, and National Sleep Foundation’s Sleep Show. Sleep is the most neglected, yet crucial pillar of health and wellness. Tara has maximized sleep quality for over 60 professional sports teams, military forces, essential workers, and ordinary people, struggling to achieve their optimum physical and emotional health. Through Tara's leadership, ChiliSleep donated over $1 million in product in 2020 alone. ChiliSleep products are patented, safe and proven to improve quality of sleep using heated or cooled water to regulate body temperature. In 2021, ChiliSleep is integrating into the software and coaching side of sleep. Stay tuned for more from this female founded and co-owned Fortune 5000 company!

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Tara's Ted Talk

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